‘Flash dance Phil’ is an internet sensation

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A video of Bell Baxter High School rector Phil Black entertaining sixth year pupils with a flamboyant dance routine has become a national phenomenon.

This week - slightly embarrased by the massive media interest after the ‘Flash Mob’ video appeared on You Tube - Mr Black said he was delighted the final year pupils had been given such a positive send-off.

The video shows Mr Black beginning to hear music in the school dining hall.

Stern faced, he begins to point at the source of the noise but then, to the apparent shock of everyone around, he breaks out into a YMCA-style dance routine and is then joined by over 100 staff and sixth year pupils in the room.


The spontaneity of the event, however, was actually a well-rehearsed routine choreographed by S6 pupil Chloe Simson, who is also a pupil of the Yvonne Gray School of Dance.

Mr Black said the event, which brought a week of activites for school leavers to a close, had been rehearsed the day before.

“Chloe came up with the idea and we thought, why not?” he said

“We wanted the last week to be a very positive one for pupils who are leaving us after six years.

“Some of them chose to come into school in pyjamas and they are in the video as well.

“This is a very significant time in their lives and we wanted them to remember their time here as being fun as well as being about academic achievement.”

He added: “The reaction to it has been superb! The pupils will probably see me and the other staff in a different light after this, the test is if they still show us respect as their teachers as well.”

Mr Black said the event however was definitely a “one off” but said the school did want to make sure every sixth year group enjoyed a positive send-off.

The video initially appeared on You Tube but was then edited by teacher Eddie Gaines before having a viewing for pupils at assembly.

“It was then re-posted on YouTube where it has received nearly 30,000 hits.

Comments on the wesbite include: “This may be the most progressive school in Britain’, ‘What a cool school - you guys rock...what a way to remember your old school’, and ‘...inspirational - what else do you want from a teacher?’