Flash of inspiration sees Tom shed two stone

Tom is pictured with Heather, second from left, and fellow class members Fiona and Susan.
Tom is pictured with Heather, second from left, and fellow class members Fiona and Susan.

A freelance photographer from Fife has turned his life around after lising two stone in just a few months.

Tom Russell was introduced to Slimming World’s Heather Hutchison after she approached him to take some photos for her new class in Falkland – and little did he know just how important this conversation would prove to be.

Tom (52) explained: ‘’My life changed dramatically when I broke my arm whilst on an outdoor photo shoot. I went from tearing around the country to being unable to work, drive or exercise.

“I had to take very powerful pain killers which dulled my senses and meant that I was napping on and off all day.

“This total change in pace meant that I put on over a stone in less than a week.

Tom added: “I was already carrying too much extra weight and my once athletic six-foot rugby playing frame seemed like something that would never be achievable again.

“I had taken some house pictures for Heather, a new client, just a couple of weeks before my accident and she had mentioned she was starting a Slimming World group in Falkland at the end of October.

“I was intrigued by the promise of unlimited amounts of nourishing everyday food and in particular the fact that I would never go hungry as it was not a diet but a generous and sustainable healthy eating plan.

Tom went on to say: ‘’I can honestly say that without Heather’s passion and dedication on Tuesday evenings I could not have achieved such wonderful results. The complete confidentiality and support in group each week are key factors and I have met such a variety of people.

“My journey thus far has been not only a very positive experience but fun too.”

He added: ‘’I didn’t actually start food optimising properly until half way through the first week as I was stranded at home alone but even with just my store cupboard staples I managed to lose 4.5 pounds. At the second weigh in I had lost a further seven lbs.

“ I have now lost two stone and am fast approaching my target weight and have every confidence that I will stay there.”

Heather said: “I would urge anyone with a weight issue to take this life changing step. It’s not just for the ladies – a great group of guys attend my Falkland group too.”