Flats bins being used as dumping ground

Rubbish, including discarded syringe in bin store at Overton Mains
Rubbish, including discarded syringe in bin store at Overton Mains

worried residents in flats at Overton Mains in Kirkcaldy say they are scared to use the communal bin store 
which is being used as a dumping ground.

Used syringes and dirty nappies are just a few of the items seen lying exposed within the store which serves two neighbouring blocks.

And the residents say that they won’t go out to empty their bins during the hours of darkness in case they step on a used needle, while they keep their children well away from the store which, until last week was left overflowing, with discarded waste spilling out into the corridor.

“I am sure the rats and mice must be having a field day because the area is such a mess,” said one mother of one who did not want to be named.

“It is absolutely horrendous and people living in the flats are just dumping their household waste and worse in the area rather than putting it inside the bins.

“Around Christmas time it was at its worst and there was so much rubbish that it was spilling 
out into the corridor and the 
smell was disgusting.

“There were old units left there for uplifting and people were just chucking their rubbish on top of them and inside them.

“The council used to empty the bins twice a week but now I think it’s every two weeks, and they won’t touch the stuff that isn’t inside the bins, so it is left lying until a specialist firm comes out to clean the place up and it has to be washed down 
with a pressure hose it’s so bad,” 
said the woman.

“I won’t let my child play anywhere around here because it’s so bad and he goes up to the park to play or goes out at my mum’s house. It is just a few selfish people who are spoiling it for everyone and I dread to think what it’s going to be like 
in the warmer weather if it goes 
on like this.”

Elaine Devine, service manager with Fife Council, said: “These bin stores are emptied twice weekly on Mondays and Thursdays. The bins were inspected again on Monday, February 18 and we found that, while one of the bins was full, the other was still empty. Despite this, waste material was strewn across 
the floor with no attempt made to 
use the bins.

“It is the responsibility of all householders to dispose of their waste properly and the council will not hesitate to investigate and pursue anyone caught dumping waste in this way. The householders have been informed over the years that the bins are to be used for domestic household waste, however they are often misused to dispose of items of furniture. These should be removed by a bulk collection request, a 
visit to a recycling centre or a 
private company.

“If any needles are found, 
contact the council immediately 
on 08451 550000.”