Flattened ... but not forgotten

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THE lighter mornings might be a signal that winter is almost coming to an end but there is plenty of evidence still on show that Fife hasn’t quite recovered yet.

A relatively mild season, in comparison with the heavy snowfalls of last year, there has only been two really bad spells – the now famous hurricane of December 8 and the storm on January 3, which saw even bigger winds of over 100mph batter the whole country.

A lot of work has been put in since then to clear fallen trees and patch up damaged roofs but something that seems to have been forgotten about, despite Fife being revealed as a top tourist destination by a VisitScotland survey, is to fix the Kingdom’s road signs.

Pictured above are the information boards from the Colinsburgh straight and the A915 Elie road, lying dormant and helping no one navigate their way through Fife’s tourist trails

There are others lying precariously in ditches around Fife, including on a busy stretch at the Standing Stane Road but a Fife Council spokesperson said, hopefully, they would all be fixed in time for the traditional summer tourist season.

Lynne Davidson, transportation services technician engineer at Fife Council, added: “Due to the weather that we have had, there has been a lot of signs damaged.

“We do have an ongoing programme of signs that are needing dealt with.

“It is just a case of prioritising and using the available resource that we have got to get them done, obviously within the budget constraints that we have.

“The Colinsburgh straight and A915 have orders ready to go so we can certainly get those dealt with.

“If there are any signs that are causing anybody any concern they will be dealt with if brought to our attention.

“Give ways and stop signs that are brought to our attention will be dealt with as a matter of urgency as they take a higher priority.”