Flower display theft

The floral display
The floral display
  • Floral theft
  • ‘Senseless and selfish’
  • Community defiant

Theft of flowers from an attractive display at the foot of West Brae in East Wemyss will not deter the community from developing the area.

Three planters full of flowers, which formed part of a local enhancement project by the East Wemyss & McDuff Community Council, disappeared from a decorative boat, a major part of the local display.

Dedicated group will continue undeterred

Bill Wood

“Altogether, a great deal of work and thought has gone into the environmental display of which the village can be proud,” said Bill Wood, secretary of the East Wemyss & McDuff Community Council. “How sad it is that the outcome of all this good work has been marred by a senseless and selfish criminal act.”

Over the past two years, members of the Community Council and local residents have planned a challenging environmental project at the foot of West Brae in the village in order to convert it into an aesthetically pleasing area.

“What the motive behind it was, we’ll probably never know,” continued Mr Wood. “But the perpetrator(s) can be assured that the dedicated group of people involved in helping to enhance the appearance of our village will continue in their work, undeterred in the knowledge that the overwhelming majority of their fellow residents are decent and responsible people.”

Although still a ‘work in progress’ the regeneration has already attracted many favourable comments.