Fly-tippers told to buzz off

Fly tipping at Wee Kingdom, Cupar
Fly tipping at Wee Kingdom, Cupar

Persistent fly tipping has led to a busy area of Cupar being branded an eyesore and

business owners calling on people to clean up their act.

Almost since Ali Rankin established the children’s activity centre Wee Kingdom in October 2013 she has been battling the mess caused by people dumping their waste next to three large yellow container skips in the adjacent car park.

She said she regularly turns up to work in the morning to find mattresses, furniture and even high chairs dumped next to the skips. Most often its black bags which are discarded in the car park which is situated between the Co-op’s main car park and Moathill.

The situation has also resulted in complaints from customers who have to walk past the refuse with their children if they’re going to the play centre.

She said: “It’s crazy, we have a recycling centre just down the road so why are people driving in here and dumping all their waste?

“It’s not just in the evening or at night that they’re doing it either, I catch people all the time. This week I’ve seen three people quite blatantly dumping stuff including one woman who drove right up to one of the skips in broad daylight and in front of some of my customers.”

She added: “I’m at the end of my tether. I’m picking up bags and have no idea what’s in them but some are pretty disgusting. “

Ali has reported the matter to Fife Council and environmental services officers have attended and cleaned up the car park on several occasions.

They have also gone through bags and Ali understands their investigations have already led to one successful prosecution.

However, she said the Co-operative, which owns the car park, must take some responsibility too.

“The car park is a bit of a no-man’s land and while we’re grateful for the parking space more needs to be done to keep it tidy,” she added.

Jill Gilmore, who runs Upholstery and Sewing Services with her mother Eveyln Johnson, said she too was frustrated with the problem.

“Only yesterday I took a photo of a woman dumping her rubbish. I asked her why she was doing it and she said she didn’t know it was a private skip and begged me not to report her. I’ve seen her here before so I know it’s not the first time.

“We’ve simply had enough. We’re forever picking up bags and collecting litter. It’s not good for business either and customers have remarked on how unpleasant the mess is.”

Fife Council said fly-tipping is a growing problem and would not be tolerated.

Councillor Pat Callaghan, executive spokesman for environment and transportation said: “Dumping rubbish in public spaces is not only unpleasant but it’s breaking the law.

“In Fife, we treat fly-tipping very seriously and we’ll vigorously pursue offenders, taking court action where necessary.

“Earlier this week our Environmental Enforcement Team attended two sites of fly-tipping at recycling points in Fife and as a result we plan to issue 30 fixed penalty notices.

“There’s no excuse for fly-tipping, the Council has 11 recycling centres and around 400 recycling points, in all areas of Fife, for people to recycle cans, plastics, glass, paper and cardboard.”

To report fly-tipping visit the website or phone 03451 55 00 22.