Fly-tipping at Leven heritage tourism attraction

Rubble and paving stones were dumped outside the entrance.Rubble and paving stones were dumped outside the entrance.
Rubble and paving stones were dumped outside the entrance.
A Leven tourism attraction is being targeted by people using the site to fly-tip.

At the weekend, sacks of rubble and paving stones were dumped outside the entrance to Fife Heritage Railway, blocking access to the main gate.

The volunteers, who run the organisation, say the situation has been getting worse since October, with building and garden waste being left at the gates, causing problems for the older members trying to get in and posing a threat to the open days the group run.

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Anthony Wiaczek, a member of the group, said: “In an ideal world we would like to adopt the access road leading along the playing field– it would kill two birds with one stone, allowing us to widen and resurface it for increasing visitor numbers and add a gate at the far end to deter fly tipping.

“Our request to do this was denied.

“CCTV is not an option at this moment unless we had the appropriate funds for all the equipment and cabling.”

The site has been targeted by vandals in the past. Two years ago a 100-year-old railway coach was completely destroyed following a fire.

Mr Wiaczek added: “A couple of years ago the local community came together to do a litter pick along the old branch line as well as on our land. It was a great effort that could also be considered again, given the right planning.

“We would also kindly ask the residents on Montgomery Drive overlooking our land to keep an eye out for any illicit activity and help us put and end to this issue.”

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