Foodbank’s cooking up a good feeling

Glenrothes fodbank volunteers with the new healthy cooking recipe cards
Glenrothes fodbank volunteers with the new healthy cooking recipe cards

Do you know how to make a tasty risotto, or a crunchy fruit dessert from the most basic of ingredients?

You’ll be surprised just how many people can’t. Blame it on educational cutbacks, changes in society and the fast food generation brought up on ready meals and convenience ‘cooking’, usually consisting of nothing more than opening the packaging and programming the microwave.

Whatever the root cause, there’s more than one generation who, by no fault of their own, just haven’t been taught the basics of what was once called ‘home economics’ ... learning how to cook.

Foodbank Glenrothes is not only feeding the region, they are helping to teach a range of basic skills that will ease their situation and help towards making food go further on a budget.

With the demand for a foodbank facility serving the Glenrothes community showing no signs of easing, volunteers helping to keep those in need from going hungry have got together with Fife Community Food Project and NHS Fife and produced an initial batch of helpful recipe cards.

“They list a range of simple ingredients, all of which are included in the food parcels that we hand out, there’s no need to add anything fancy or something that will cost money, “ Maureen Power, co-ordinator of the Glenrothes facilitytold the Gazette: “You’d be amazed at just how much further food can go, these are basic skills that really are of benefit to the people who come through our doors needing help.

“It really is so easy to make a tasty pot of soup from a handful of vegetables and a stock cube, and it’ll taste better than any tinned variety every time, we just need to pass those skills on to people and give them the confidence to be able to cook simple, but effective and most important of all, healthy food for themselves and their families.”

And since they launched the four recipe cards last week, feedback has been astounding.

“It’s incredible really, people are shocked at how easy these recipes are, how with the minimum of effort and knowledge they can achieve everything and from nothing more than what we give them in their food packs,” Maureen explained.

The initiative was thought up by those at the Glenrothes centre and so successful has it already proved, NHS Fife and Fife Community Food Project, which have paid for the printing of the cards, are now to introduce the idea to foodbanks across the Kingdom.

Why not give it a go yourself, you don’t need to be on a budget or in need to want to make your food go further.

The Glenrothes Foodbank project is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday, noon - 6.00 p.m. if you would like to volunteer to help, or would like to make a donation however small, you can do so by contacting Maureen on 01592-631088.