Football fundraiser for hospital’s leukaemia ward

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A GROUP of friends and family of Thornton man James McNab (42), who died of leukaemia in July 2009, have donated £1025 to Victoria Hospital.

It’s the latest in a number of donations that have been made in memory of the father of two, who was also a football coach at Thornton Amateurs.

Shortly after his death £5500 was raised to design a room on Ward 34, where he was treated, with soft furnishings and technology, such as games consoles and a flat screen TV, to make it comfortable for patients and their loved ones.

Every year since, a group, led by Gary Bremner, has held a charity football day and this week they donated the money raised from their latest effort.

Gary explained: “We played a game between an old Thornton Amateurs team and a team of his friends and family.

“We then had a disco and fundraiser with a raffle and an auction.

“Initially I looked at it as a memorial day and saw the money as just a bonus, but when you are making that sort of money it is good.”

The most recent amount of money raised is likely to be used to buy three or four oversized Nintendo DSI gaming machines for patients that can’t get down to the family room.