For sale: Batman-themed hearse with skeleton and smoke machine

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A Fife petrolhead is selling his Batman-themed hearse for just £2000 – and it even has a 666 personalised number plate to go with it.

Mark Lumsden (30) modified the funeral car he bought 15 months ago with a smoke machine, the Batman logo, and a skeleton in the back.

Mark Lumsden with his wife Louise and daughter Emma in front of the Bart-Hearse. Pictures: SWNS

Mark Lumsden with his wife Louise and daughter Emma in front of the Bart-Hearse. Pictures: SWNS

And it even comes with a spare coffin for storage, or a quick nap for a brave soul.

The Lochgelly dad-of-two bought the 18-year-old car for £300 from a funeral director in Aberdeen and used the skills from his day job as an HGV lorry mechanic to convert it.

But Mark has decided to sell the hearse so he can focus on his new project – turning a bog standard camper van into the amazing ‘spider van’.

He said: “The plan was just to decorate it for Halloween and then sell it.

“But then every time we were taking the two kids out it was “Are we taking the Batmobile? Are we taking the Batmobile?”

“95 per cent of people see the funny side and find it hilarious. Whenever someone asks if it’s a bit morbid I say well what do you suggest we do with the car?

“It’s a hand-built car that cost £150,000 when new. Should you just send it to the scrap yard? It’s only got 35,000 miles on it.”

Mark plans to buy a camper van and make the outside Spiderman-themed so his family can sleep inside when they travel to car shows across the country, where they have already won several awards.

He added: “My neighbour’s 80 years old and she wanted to come in the back to take it to bingo. She thinks it’s amazing.

“The older generation love it, they seem to find it mega funny. The middle-aged generation are worried about what the older people think about it.

“Overall everybody sees the funny side, the Batman part gives it a humorous side and everyone takes it in jest and has a laugh.”

Mark paid £150 for the personalised number plate on the car – K666 MLL – which features the devil’s number and the initials of Mark and his wife, Louise.

He used to race the cars in banger races and at one point he even had nine hearses.