Forget first foots, it was first dooks at Kinghorn!

Around 80 crazy Kinghorn residents got rid of Hogmanay hangovers by running into the freezing waters of the Forth on New Year’s Day.

They were taking part in the fifth annual Loony Dook to raise funds for Kinghorn RNLI Lifeboat Station.

Pics: Walter Neilson

Pics: Walter Neilson

Good weather helped ensure a great turnout of both dookers and spectators, with the promenade and surrounding braes packed with supporters. The big countdown took place at 11am, setting off the charge to the water.

Over £600 was donated to the RNLI on the day, and further sponsorship is expected to boost the final total. A further £700 has been raised by local supporter, Fiona Nairn, who set up a Just Giving page to raise money for the event.

Neil Chalmers, Kinghorn Lifeboat press officer, said: “We’ve just completed a very busy 2015 with celebrations to mark 50 years of service on the Firth of Forth, and the dook was a great way to start another, no doubt busy, year.

“We had another great turnout for this fifth event, and there was a great crowd of people at the beach taking part, as well as supporting and cheering on the brave souls!

“Although the dook is not a formal fundraising event, we still were lucky enough to have over £600 donated on the day through donations by our supporters.

“Of special note was a donation of £25 from a local school boy who had saved the money normally used for Christmas cards, and which he donated to his local lifeboat station instead.

“The generosity of everyone who attended was magnificent with over £600 donated during the event. It really is appreciated to keep the service running. It cost around £85,000 per year to run a station like Kinghorn, so donations like this are essential to raise funds.”