Former First Minister McConnell in Glenrothes to reaffirm Labour’s commitment to workers

Glenrothes candidate Melanie Ward and Jack McConnell speak to young people in the town
Glenrothes candidate Melanie Ward and Jack McConnell speak to young people in the town

Former First Minister Jack McConnell visited Glenrothes on Sunday to urge people to vote Labour on Thursday if they wanted, what he called, “real change”.

He joined parliamentary candidate Melanie Ward and a host of young voters in a town centre cafe to discuss anumber of key general election issues affecting them.

High on the agenda for local young people were the living wage, the cost of renting a home, education and the need for decent working conditions.

Also discussed was Labour’s plan to guarantee a job, training or apprenticeship for unemployed young people and to require companies that secure government contracts worth more than £1 million to provide apprenticeships.

Miss Ward also reiterated three of her top priorities of fighting for decent jobs for local people, and Labour’s plan for an £8 minimum wage and ban on exploitative zero hours contracts.

“On Thursday we have the chance to replace this Tory government with a Labour government that will put an end to Tory austerity, introduce a higher minimum wage and ban exploitative zero hours contracts,” said Miss Ward.

“Voting Labour is the only way to make this happen.”

She added: “I’ve said from day one that decent jobs for local people will be my top priority if I’m elected our MP on Thursday,

“That’s more important now than ever.

And the Labour candidate also hinted at a possible second referendum.

“The SNP candidate said in January that he wants to “lay the foundations” for the break-up of the UK, it is up to local people to decide which of these is their priority,” said Miss Ward.

Jack McConnell said: “The polls are so tight right across the UK, if local people want a new government that will work for a fairer Scotland, they have to vote Labour.

“Melanie Ward is an excellent candidate who I know will deliver the real change that Glenrothes and Central Fife needs. I’ve seen her do it in other areas, I know she’ll do it for you.”