Four options for new look to waterfront

The plans will be unveiled soon.
The plans will be unveiled soon.

A series of possible plans for the future of Kirkcaldy’s waterfront development are being unveiled, with four ideas on how to improve the area being put before business leaders.

Four different options are on the table for the proposed changes to the carriageway along the prom – a part of the town many feel is in dire need of regeneration.

Businesses and traders will be invited to view the plans and have their say.

The promenade area is seen as having huge potential to be redeveloped and bring more business to Kirkcaldy.

Traders will have two chances to view the plans next week, in Kirkcaldy 4 All’s Office on Tuesday November 14, and Betty Nicol’s on Wednesday, November 15 – both between 11am and 3pm.

Bill Harvey, manager at Kirkcaldy 4 All, said: “We regard the waterfront in Kirkcaldy as a huge selling point, and we want to make the most of it.

“On a good month there can be in excess of 20,000 visitors who use it for running, walking, or cycling. It has a cracking view out over the water.

“We want to get rid of that harsh stone barrier, perhaps improve parking and landscape a little bit.

“We’ll be having these consultations to let local businesses make their comments, then we’ll hand them over to Fife Council. After that I imagine the council may put it out to public consultation.

“The options vary, ranging from nothing but parking, to limited parking with other facilities. We want more people coming through Kirkcaldy town centre. We want more leisure and cafe culture.

“This is a major investment in the waterfront, and we want to make it a place that benefits traders, residents, and visitors to Kirkcaldy.”

David Grove, lead officer town centre development said: “Different design options have been prepared for a first phase of works at the waterfront, running from Tollbooth Street to the Port Brae Area.

“We are looking at three options; a first, basic option which has already been modelled for traffic management purposes and works in terms of engineering, and two enhanced options which are currently being worked up.

“Detailed plans and drawings are being prepared and we should be able to consult with businesses and other people in the New Year.”