Fourth wheelie bin to be rolled out


HOUSEHOLDERS in Cupar, the Howe of Fife and Taybridgehead areas are to get another recycling bin in a bid to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill in Fife.

From May homes which currently have three bins will also get a new green bin for plastics and cans.

The move will also see a re-design of the current collection system with grey bins being used for recycling newspapers and carboard and blue bins becoming receptacles for non-recyclable waste.

The brown bins will continue to be used to collect compostable garden waste but householders will now also be able to add food waste to it. Kichen caddies will also be delivered to households in an attempt to help people collect food waste for their bin.

Brown and blue bins will be collected every fortnight and green and grey bins every four weeks.

Recycling centres will still need to be used for depositing glass.

It is claimed the scheme could see Fife’s overall recycling rate reach 56 per cent and save the council up to £1.6m in landfill tax and penalties.

Councillor Andrew Arbuckle, chair of the North East Fife Area Committee, believes that the new four bins service will be welcomed by householders.

He said: “When we went out on the streets and asked householders what other types of waste they would like to recycle, the top answer was always cans and plastics. This new four bin service allows them to do just that and even more as they will also be able to recycle all their food waste.”

Chris Ewing, environmental sustainability manager, said: “This will really help in the push towards a zero waste Fife. When we introduce the new bin service there are quite a few changes for householders to get used too. During this period we’ll give plenty of support and advice to help people make the change.

“To avoid spending unnecessary money on new bins, we’ll start using the smaller blue bins for landfill waste, which means we have to swap paper and cardboard to the grey bins. But we’ll put labels on them to help remind people until they’ve got into the habit of it.”