FP100 Fife bands 12. Lights Out By Nine

Lights Out By Nine
Lights Out By Nine

Fife band Lights Out By Nine play powerhouse rhythm and blues and have been performing for over 25 years.

The band has attracted a growing amount of music media attention. The first rehearsals were held in 1987. In 1991 the members performed their first Adam Smith shows. In 1993 the Lights Out by Nine’ (Black Album) was recorded. The ‘Moving On’ album was originally released in 1998 and premiered by American soul DJ Matt ‘the Cat’ Baldassari on his radio show ‘Soul Bucket’, which broadcast to six million people in the Boston, Massachusetts, area of the USA.

The album went on to play on radio stations all over the world. A three-track single from this album, ‘Real Love’, added to the band’s new found status, and the live show was quickly developed to incorporate these new self -penned songs.

Lights Out By Nine continued to build on their growing reputation as a great live band, playing gigs and festivals with crowds of up to 20,000 as in Edinburgh’s Princes Street Gardens.

Today’s line-up consists of four founder members as LOBN continues to be a success. The band celebrated 25 years in the business with a string of appearances in Fife where it all began.