FP100 Fife bands 16. The Falcons

The Falcons
The Falcons

Of all the bands in the FP100, few can match the 50-year plus career of The Falcons.

The west Fife covers band celebrated its golden jubilee in 2010 with a one-off gig at the Carnegie Hall in Dunfermline.

The band has included many well known musicians in its time – far too many to list – but the originals included Dusty Love, Jimmy Bryce, Eric Ritchie , Peter ‘Bud’ Heaps, and Charlie York.

Only Trevor Forster remains to this day.

Originally a top 20 covers band, The Falcons formed in Rosyth and rode the beat-group wave to local fame at The Kinema.

It was their rehearsal place and where they peformed some 255 gigs – they had so much material, legend has it they once played for four hours without repeating a song.

They made their BBC Radio Scotland debut in 1964.

The band split in ‘68, reforming as ‘The JB Memorial’ State’ the first of several name changes – before reuniting.

The Falcons have cut several live albums and remain a popular act on the Fife scene with a following that extends beyond the Kingdom.

The band marked its 50th anniversary year with a special gig at The Carnegie Hall on March 5, 2010 with several special guests including Dan McCafferty and Pete Agnew.