FP100 Fife bands 17. Gaels Blue

Gaels Blue
Gaels Blue

There can’t be many bands who still have the same line-up that they did in 1966, but Kirkcaldy band Gaels Blue have done just that.

The 1960s saw a revolution in popular culture throughout Britain and at the forefront of that revolution was the music. Kirkcaldy was no exception.

While still at school, Jon Gillon and Bob Brawley were playing in a young R & B band, whilst John ‘Stevie’ Stevenson was the lead singer in Five By Five, a small five-piece outfit with Bill Reid (drums) and Jim Brown (bass). Tom Morgan was then singing with a band called The Acoustics.

In the spring of 1966, fate brought these six original members together and Gaels Blue was born, with John Stevenson moving over to organ.

The first real gig took place in the YMCA cafe,probably the most important venue in the area. Soon after Bill Reid left and was replaced by John Clark, Jim Brown also left, allowing Jon Gillon to move over to bass. The remaining five became the definitive Gaels Blue.

In February 1998, nearly 30 years on, John Stevenson tracked down band members who were living all over the country. At the reunion, someone jokingly suggested it might be a good idea to play a charity gig. Since then, they have staged gigs every year and raising over £10,000 for charity.

At that initial get-together (and in a moment of madness) someone jokingly suggested that it might be “a good idea” to play a charity gig “one more time!• and so the “Going Back” gig was conceived and was planned for Saturday 14th August 1999 at the Pathhead Arts & Leisure Centre in Kirkcaldy.