FP100 Fife bands 19. Beggar’s Mantle

Beggar's Mantle
Beggar's Mantle

Beggar’s Mantle formed from the remnants of the harmony folk group, Skiin’ Doo and, from July 1982 until their official ‘farewell concert’ in November 1989 to a sell out crowd in the Adam Smith Theatre, Bruce Davies and Bill McArthur performed 995 gigs.

The duo could be found in theatres, clubs, pubs and hotels all over Scotland and also had some memorable times in Kirkcaldy’s twin town, Ingolstadt, as well as Lagos, Nigeria, where they were warmly welcomed.

Their brand of popular folk music also proved successful on many television and radio broadcastss.

After an amicable split, they occasionally performed reunion concerts, the last in September 2000. All hope of further reunions ended with Bill’s untimely death in November 2002 - but their legacy continues through Bill’s son Willie and Bruce’s son Rich, who are well known on their respective music scenes in Christchurch, New Zealand and Melbourne, Australia. Bruce continues to perform 250 gigs annually as a successful solo performer.

With the discovery of good quality demo recordings from 18 months before the release of their first of their four albums, there are plans to release a ‘download’ only album.