FP100 Fife bands 23. Highlander


Highlander rocked in the late 1980s , made their name as a great live band and shared a stage with some of the biggest names going.

At their peak they supported Texas at St Andrews University, got exposure on Radio One, and appeared on ‘Highway’.

The band launched circa 1988 with the kilt-clad lead singer Alan McLeod who had performed in St Petersburg, Russia and recorded the debut album ‘Cry, Bonny Scotland.’

With Glenn Falconer - now an author - and Joe Scotland on board, Highlander mark two penned the album ‘Born To Be A Warrior’, which gained them national media exposure, and got the Highlander name out to a wider audience.

A link with Neil Connery, the brother of actor Sir Sean, did their public profile no harm either.

He narrated the stage production as the band played across Scotland, and further, enjoying good media coverage and even teaming up with Harry Secombe on hit TV show ‘Highway’.

The album has been released three times and still garners good reviews.