FP100 Fife bands 26. Darlingheart


Kirkcaldy band Darlingheart apparently impressed from the start.

Their three-track demo, recorded in David Arcari’s Abracadabra Studio in Kirkcaldy, was one of the best of 1991.

It featured tracks including ‘Smarthead’, ‘Queen Bee’ and ‘Short Stories’.

The band - Clark Thomson (bass), Cameron Campbell (guitar), Cora Bissett (vocals) and later addition Cathryn Stirling (drums) - had interest from several major record companies before signing a six album deal with Phonogram.

At the time, Clark said that while a period of touring and recording would follow, they didn’t see themselves heading off for the bright lights permanently.

He said: “I think we’ll be staying in Kirkcaldy. We’re not moving down to London or anything and we’ll be recording the album in Scotland.

‘‘But it’ll still take a bit of getting used to - it’s a big jump from the bar at Harlequin’s to stages like the Barrowlands.”

In 1992 they recorded their debut album ‘Serendipity’ and begin a tour with Radiohead and The Cranberries. A year later the band gained national attention when they toured the country as support act to Blur.