FP100 Fife bands 27. The Twist

The Twist
The Twist

Despite being near contemporaries of Gimix and Ghost Train, the Twist, who came on the scene in 1988, had an altogether more modern sound.

Influenced by bands like the Cure and the Smiths, their sound differed from others who were more inspired by stuff from 1977 and before.

Comprising Colin Livingston on bass and vocals, Ian Cummings and Stewart McCreaddie on guitar and Colin Usher on drums, The Twist made a ‘huge’ impact on local audiences - so much so, that some seasoned commentators were amazed they never managed to secure a recording contract at the time.

However, the band enjoyed a run which took them into the early ‘90s.

Original songs, such as ‘Falling Down Quietly’, ‘That’s All’ and ‘Here is Where I’ll Always Be’ can all be downloaded from: http://www.kirkcaldybands.com/HTML/Twist.