FP100 Fife bands 30. The Circle Line

The Circle Line
The Circle Line

The Circle Line were formed in early 1991 with musical influences such as The Doors, Stone Roses, 60s’ psychedelia, New Order and indie dance music.

The line up of the band was: Chunky (vocals), Lids (guitar), Lenny Webster (hammond organ and synth), Colin Malcolm (bass) and Scott Gilfeather (drums).

After a couple of months getting a set together they played their first gig to a packed crowd at The Beatnik Klub in Cardenden and received a positive reception.

A first demo tape was recorded, entitled ‘Bliss’, which became the top selling demo that Sleeves Record Shop in Kirkcaldy ever had.

The band gigged regularly about Fife, Dundee, Edinburgh and recorded a second demo ‘Grow’ which was followed by a third, ‘Hook, Line and Sinker’.

Due to musical differences, the band eventually split up in 1993 after a farewell benefit gig in Buckhaven.

After The Circle Line, Lenny went off to pursue other musical directions and the rest of the band started up Perfumed Galaxy, concentrating an a heavier rock sound. A single demo was recorded entitled ‘Heaven Scent’ and the band played gigs until they split up in around 1995 after a final gig in Dundee.