FP100 Fife bands 32. Blazing Apostles/Locomotive Latenight

Kenny Hutchison
Kenny Hutchison

The Blazing Apostles were formed in the mid-80’s when Nationwide split up, with Kenny Hutchison (pictured) taking up the guitar and lead vocals, linking up with John Anderson on bass and later Alan Liddell on lead guitar and Gary Bonar on drums.

Thanks to a drum machine recorded through a Revox reel-to-reel tape, the band’s distinctive Cocteau Twins sound saw them quickly make their mark and after self financing a couple of singles (Day Of Descent/Arrival and It’s So Easy/Comfort) they enjoyed repeated airplay on John Peel and Janice Long’s shows on Radio 1 and a BBC session recorded in Glasgow.

Guitarist Alan Liddell said: “We were playing loads of gigs all over the place at this time and did a couple down in London at the Rock Garden and the Timebox which was a good trip.

“We then changed our name to Locomotive Latenight (I can’t remember why).”

John Anderson was eventually replaced by Mark Nicol (ex Ghost Train) and then later Danny Holland.

“Things were looking good for a while but eventually not getting signed by a major label took its toll a bit and we eventually just split up.”