FP100 Fife bands 33. Days of 29

Days of 29
Days of 29
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Days of 29, comprising of members Gonzo, Chubby, Tim and Keith, had quite a distinctive punk new wave sound, achieved through guitars and syths.

They practised in a garage on Raith Estate and their image was quasi-para military, most likely found in a pair of Jack boots, while hanging banners and flags, and even wearing military helmets for some of their gigs, which were always very lively.

The band wrote most of their own tunes, and were well led by frontman Keith Millar.

They released a 12” vinyl EP called Destination D Day/Guitars for Guns on their own Trigger Happy record label long before fellow KDY bands The Blazing Apostles or the Ghost Train released their first records.

Recorded at Palladium Studios in Edinburgh by Keith Mitchell, the single did very well on student radio stations in France of all places and even made the charts on a Lille radio station.

However, the band’s success was pretty short lived, and by 1986, gigs and music dried up, although frontman Keith continued to write songs long after they had split.