FP100 Fife bands 42. Amplifico


An indie pop group whose roots began as an early teen friendship at Balwearie High School in Kirkcaldy.

Comprising Donna Maciocia, Ross Kilgour and Dave Brunton, the name Amplifico was chosen from a Latin dictionary, meaning to increase or enlarge.

Donna started songwriting and performing in 2004 following her completion of an art degree at the University of Dundee.

In addition to playing across the UK and Ireland with Amplifico, she provided backing vocals for KT Tunstall on her live Acoustic Extravaganza album, sang with Tunstall on her tour in 2006, and appeared in Tunstall’s ‘Another Place to Fall’ video.

Amplifico won the ‘Best Scottish Band’ title in a UK competition for unsigned bands, playing Glasgow Carling Academy and London Astoria within a year of forming.

During this period, the band recorded and self-produced their first material (Hometakes 1 & Hometakes 2) and gained both live and internet based followings.

Unsigned and unmanaged, they utilised their fan base and internet following to fund their first full studio based work, including a live web-streamed “webathon” fundraiser gig.

Via their own ‘record label MDM Creations, Amplifico published ‘See Heart, See Muscle’ on March 3, 2008.