FP100 Fife bands 46. Saint Jude’s Infirmary

Saint Jude's Infirmary
Saint Jude's Infirmary

Risen from the ashes of an under-14 football team, Saint Jude’s Infirmary were formed in Kirkcaldy in the mid-nineties based around the song-writing of twins Ashley and Grant Campbell and the velvet voice of their cousin Emma-Jane.

Early reviews compared their embryonic sound to a first untrammeled howls of the Velvet Underground mixed with a primal sixties girl-group beat.

After a brief split and a move to Edinburgh, the band returned with an expanded line-up and released their first critically acclaimed album ‘Happy Healthy Lucky Month’ in May 2007. The album included a song ‘Goodbye Jack Vettriano’, a video for which was later commissioned by BBC Scotland’s The Music Show.

Filmed on Portobello beach in Edinburgh it features a cameo appearance from Jack Vettriano and references two of his most famous paintings ‘Elegy for a Dead Admiral’ and ‘The Singing Butler’.

The lyrics were written by bass player Grant while he was living abroad and feeling homesick saw a Vettriano print on a Rotterdam pub wall.

Inspired by the song, Vettriano painted a self-portrait which went on to become the cover of the second album ‘This Has Been the Death of Us’ released in October 2009.

Author Ian Rankin also appeared in the video after the band discovered he was a fan.