FP100 Fife bands 47. Summerfield Blues

Summerfield Blues
Summerfield Blues

In February 1988 Dave Arcari (guitar) and Andy Carr (bass/vocals) start playing blues licks together in Kirkcaldy. They were joined by Phil Stillman (drums).

May 1988 marked the start of Summerfield Blues, named after Andy’s girlfriend’s donkey. Their debut gig took place at the town’s Abbotshall Hotel.

In July Mark Carr (Andy’s brother) replaced Phil on drums. The following month they played gigs at the Philp Hall - where they were joined on stage by pal Ritchie Smith on harmonica.

By September the band started gigging round Edinburgh’s Student Union circuit and Alan Wilson joined on rhythm guitar. Less than a year later they played a farewell gig at Harrows Tavern, Kirkcaldy. Dave moved to London and started the Midnight Blues Band. Alan Wilson formed The Schoolhouse and Mark Carr joined The Radium Cats.

In 1990 Dave moved back to Fife and reformed the band with Andy Carr, Dave Sinclair and Steve Bell. Between then and December 1992 the band clock up 100 gigs round Scotland. In January 1992 Steve Bell left and was replaced by trained opera singer Marsha Tarvet, from Kirkcaldy, on backing vocals and keyboards. In May 1993 they began recording for their debut album at Dave’s Abracadabra Studios. By August their performance at Edinburgh International Jazz Blues Festival earned them the title Scottish Blues Band of the Year and the Alexis Korner Memorial Award.

In May 1996 the band split amicably at a gig in the Ollerton Hotel. Dave formed the Radiotones and established himself as an international solo artist.