FP100 Fife bands 53. Clamjamfry


Clamjamfry are a popular Fife ceilidh band which started out during the 1980s through a bunch of friends whose families played music together.

In the beginning Cupar Ceilidh as they were called played in pubs and at local ceilidh events for a while.

After their founder member and accordion lead player, John M, left to go overseas, they went dormant for a while, before emerging as the fiddle-led Clamjamfry some time in the late eighties.

The original line up was Des, John, Hugh and Mark (the fiddler). In 1992 they were joined by Chris, and after Mark left to go to university John, Des, Chris and Hugh have remained as the core line up.

They quite often have a fifth player – a young “apprentice,” and this is usually a member of the family. Initially, after Mark this was David Mc, then David T (Hugh’s son who still plays from time), later Chris’s son Greg, now a student in Glasgow and playing a lot in his band, then it was John’s son Daniel until he too became a student. Now it is John’s son James who plays.

The line up includes a fiddle, whistles, guitars, mandolin, acoustic bass guitar, accordion, keyboard and a bodhran, with two singers. Members all have busy day jobs, so playing in the band remains a hobby.