FP100 Fife bands 55. The Red Hawks

The Red Hawks
The Red Hawks

Formed in 1958 as a skiffle band, orginally known as simply ‘The Hawks’

They won the Scottish Skiffle Championships in 1959 and are widely known as Dunfermline’s oldest established rhythm group.

Starting out as a four piece, the band saw a tremendous change in faces and numbers over the years. Alan Jordan, on guitar and vocals, played with the band for seven years, while Alex Smith, Alan Sadler, George Mason, Bobby Gilfillan (who also played football for Cowdenbeath and Newcastle United) and Drew Nisbet joined in the founding year.

Further members included: Ian Burns, Beth Leitch, Tommy Wallace, Colin Bates, Walter Robertson, Manuel Charlton, Billy Hunter, EddieMartin, Brian Sheridan and Garry MacPherson.

Changing with the times, the band had more of a rock/pop sound in the Sixties, with the trumpet and sax up front. Beteween 1959 and 1967, the band, which later became known as ‘The Red Hawks’ because of their distinctive red suits, played the Kinema Ballroom in Dunfermline an amazing 563 times.

Also regulars at the Cowdenbeath Saturday Palais and Lochore Welfare Institute, as well as playing ballrooms across Scotland and TV, such as STV’s ‘Dance Party Roof’

The band folded around 1967.