FP100 Fife bands 56. The Schoolhouse

The Schoolhouse
The Schoolhouse

A very popular Levenmouth band from the turn of the ‘90s– the nucleus of which is still playing today.

Rhythm guitarist Alan Wilson departed Summerfield Blues in the summer of 1989 to form Schoolhouse with his vocalist brother Mark – the four-piece being completed by bassist Ian Cargill and a drum machine.

They practised in Mark’s Methil bedroom and replaced the drum machine with a flesh-and-blood drummer in Kevin Bowyer, while Iain Hinchcliffe took over on bass.

By this time, their rehearsal space was a hole under Mark’s kitchen at Viewforth in Leven!

Schoolhouse’s main style was described by Alan as “melodic with a bit of a twist”, with bands such as Jesus Lizard, Mega City Four, Senseless Things and later Nirvana among their main influences.

They recorded around 30 tracks on demo tapes and early versions of CDs and played in a number of Levenmouth and Kirkcaldy venues, as well as a few gigs at Stirling University where they supported Captain America.

Schoolhouse later ran parallel with another line-up, Sawyer, and then a work-related move to London by Iain largely brought it to an end. But he said: “I really, really loved being in this band... they are ‘ground zero’ for me being in bands.”

Mark and Alan continued over the years, with Sawyer and Rockets Revenge among their guises.

Today, they perform as 13 Tombs.