FP100 Fife bands 60. The Jack Taylor Band

The Jack Taylor Band 1962-63
The Jack Taylor Band 1962-63

The first Burma Ballroom opened in Kirkcaldy in the 1930s.

The ballroom was badly damaged by fire in the early 1950s and reopened with Archie Lambert as band leader and Jack Taylor as pianist. Jack took over from from Archie in the late 50s and continued with his nine-man band until the closure of the Burma in 1964.

The music played ranged from formal dance tunes through to Jive, Twist, Cha Cha...everything in the charts at the time. There were a few personnel changes but the resident band was mainly Jack (piano), George Riggans (double bass), Harold Steward (trumpet), Sam Steward (baritone sax), Dave Steward (alto sax and clarinet), Thomson Duncan (tenor sax and accordion), John Scott (trombone) and Bill Pottie (drums). The two resident vocalists during those years were Bob Christie and Joe Stenhouse. The Burma closed in 1964, with the band going their separate ways.

Most of that very popular band have sadly passed away, although Dave Steward is still playing his sax at the age of 85 and Bob Christie is still singing at 71!