FP100 Fife bands 61. The Ruff Diamonds

The Ruff Diamonds
The Ruff Diamonds

A party band with a highly-talented line-up, the Ruff Diamonds’ final concert took place a few months ago when they played a well-attended charity event in Cupar. 
Formed in 2002-03, the original members were Derek Connelly (rhythm guitar and vocals), Crombie Oswald (lead guitar) and Jill Cameron (lead singer).

They were joined about two years later by bass player Nick Henderson and, in 2007, by Alan Normand on keyboards and Allan McLaren on drums.

Interestingly, Nick had been a member of the popular covers band Luxury Fitted Kittens, while Allan was a former world champion pipe band drummer!

The six-piece started playing at parties and their popularity simply grew from there.

When Derek Connelly stepped down from the band, he was replaced by David Latto (see entry 90).

Over the years, the Ruff Diamonds – covering everything from the 1960s to the present – were in big demand.

Their biggest performance was at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, attended by more than 600.