FP100 Fife bands 63. Blue on Shock

Blue on Shock
Blue on Shock

Blue On Shock were together in many different lineups from 1982 through to 1992, comprising four singers five bass players, three drummers, two keyboard players and three guitarists and one saxophone player.

The band’s first single ‘Heaven Won Here’ was very warmly received and had good reviews including one from music magazine NME which said: “Freezing cold white funk rhythms from one of the better bands to emerge from the Scottish scene. Not one for shambly wimps the tone is raw, flawed and provocative. Post rock with guts.”

Their biggest achievement was their live work, and there is hardly a town in Scotland they did not gig.

The band were together from 1982 through to ‘92 and in the final two years Tennents sponsored them, leading to them playing mini-tours all over the country, with over 150 gigs in the last year alone.

They eventually split up after signing a bad recording deal.