FP100 Fife bands 68. Motormark


Kirkcaldy duo Motormark were formed in 2001 by high school friends Jane Fisher (daughter of Cilla and Artie of ‘Singing Kettle’ fame) and Mark Law.

The pair had begun to make music whilst still at school before going their separate ways. However both started working with The Singing Kettle in the late 90s. They left in 2001 and used the money they had made to start Motormark.

Adopting stage names Jane Motoro and Marko Polaroid they released their first single ‘Let’s Go’ the same year before playing their first live show in January 2001.

Further singles ‘Bongo!’ and ‘Jetset’ would follow and the band began touring regularly. They played shows with Ladytron, Peaches, Junior Senior and supported Bis on their farewell tour.

They then went to Spain and played with The White Stripes and Sonic Youth. After a few weeks, they returned to Scotland to work on their debut album ‘Pop:Up’ which was released in 2003 to positive reviews.

Jane and Mark then started writing the next album ‘Chrome Tape’ which was released the following year and on which they worked with Norris from The Grid.

Motormark continued until 2007 until they decided to call it a day. Jane and Marko recruited another two band members and formed new outfit FANGS with whom they still play.