FP100 Fife bands 71. The Revellers

The Revellers
The Revellers

The Revellers, aka The Revellers Dance Band, were a Fife 10-piece group of performers who came together in the latter end of the the 1950s.

Consisting of Bill Peters (piano), Davy Hunter (saxophone), Ian Barclay (clarinet) Arthur Hope (saxophone), Ronnie Stark ( vocals), ‘Tonte’ Brand (trumpet), Danny Crawford (trombone), Jock Finlay (drums) and Jock Vance (double bass), they played across the Fife region.

They were a regular act at at places such as Cowdenbeath’s Palais de Danse before moving to the StMargaret’s Dance Hall for a residence on Fridays until it was lost to fire in 1961. The band were also resident for some time in Bowhill Institute on Sundays, and twice performed at the famous Kinema in Dunfermline in 1962.

While playing at Bowhill in the late ‘50s, Ronnie Stark formed a skiffle group when skiffle was all the rage.

The group consisted of himself, Billy Muir from Lochgelly and ‘Singer’ Wilson from Cowdenbeath. The passing of lead singer Ronnie Stark in 2008 marked the end of a popular group of performers, who are all now sadly deceased.