FP100 Fife bands 72. The Spellbinders

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Hailing from the 1960s era, The Spellbinders hailed from Levenmouth and consisted of five members – Bill Hendry on lead vocals, Gordon Black on rhythm guitar, Ian Haddow on lead guitar, Jim Bell on bass and Colin Fairley on drums.

Although they came from Levenmouth, they played many of their gigs in Kirkcaldy, making a base at the Kirkcaldy YMCA, where they supported a number of big names at the time.

They also played a number of shows at the Burma Ballroom on the Prom, and even ventured as far as the Dunfermline Kinema Ballroom.

In 1967, they entered a competition there, coming third to The Falcons and The Beachcombers.

Soon after competing at the Ballroom, the band actually changed its name to The Sunset Culture, as there was already a band in America who were called The Spellbinders.

Following the change of name, the band didn’t stay together long, eventually splitting up sometime between 1969 and 1970.

Lead singer Bill Hendry continued to be involved in music for several years, while Colin Fairley went on to join other bands, including the Chris McClure Section and Beggars Opera.