FP100 Fife bands 75. Cruiser


To be hailed as the “Inventors of Caledonian space pop” is no mean feat.

But that’s exactly the tag levelled at Cruiser, an ambient electronica band from Kirkcaldy which formed originally as a Cowdenbeath studio project.

Cruiser released an LP Northern Electric on Devil In The Woods records in the USA in 2001, comprising contributions from many travellers to the studio.

Afterwards came a few sporadic live Scottish dates and demoing, followed by some new permanent members.

In the US, Northern Electric recieved positive press and heavy college radio play, making it Jockrock’s album of the month in December 2001, and a listing in Is This Music? magazine’s top 100 Scottish albums of all time.

Now mostly a two-piece of Jamie and Kev, though Matt and Mari still pop in sometimes, as does Kev’s girlfriend Erin, Cruiser have tried to bring some fun back into their synths without losing touch of a melodic laid-back style.

Recently signing a one -track license to Some Bizzare for a compilation they plan on releasing, and another compilation track imminent in Japan on Ningendaigaku records, have spurred them on to almost finish a second album after a long wait, and ready to put their Scottish synths back on the map.