FP100 Fife bands 77. Brady Cole

Brady Cole
Brady Cole
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This Kinghorn indie four-piece was formed in February 2003 and looked set for great things, especially when it was announced in 2007 that, even though they were unsigned, Brady Cole were chosen by the Foo Fighters to support them on their UK arena tour.

Brady Cole’s influences included The Beatles, Nirvana and Oasis, as well as The Who, Small Faces and Live.

Composed of Steve Calvert on lead vocals/lead guitar, Kris Barclay on lead guitar/backing vocals, Alex Burrell on bass/backing vocals and Sean Crossan drums, they were formed in Alex’s studio (Carpit Studios) when Kris and Alex were in doing some session work for local bands.

Alex noticed Kris had a talent for song writing and they started putting ideas. Soon Steve addes his song writing abilities, but also his distinct voice. Along with Kris’ lyrics, strong guitar melodies and their combination of guitar sounds, Brady Cole’s sound was born, with Sean arriving behind the drum kit.

Brady Cole then started rehearsing their live set and were soon out playing local gigs in small but packed venues to build local support. Their debut release on CD was entitled ‘Illness Of Hype’ in 2004.

The band split in 2008 as Sean went to London to study music, while other ex-members later formed The Sauza Kings.