FP100 Fife bands 79. Alto Cirrus

Deek Jackson of Alto Cirrus
Deek Jackson of Alto Cirrus

Musicians Mike Wilson (lead guitar) and Derek ‘Deek’ Jackson (vocals/guitar) formed this Dunfermline-based folk punk band in the 1980s.

They were joined by Phil ‘Chaney’ Cheyne (bass), Kate Hill (fiddle/vocals), Eric ‘Cowfreak’ McCleave (drums/vocals) and Roxanne ‘Xanne’ (dancing/percussion/vocals).

Their debut gig was in the Glen Pavilion, Dunfermline, reportedly after just 10 days of rehearsals.

But while there were many rough edges during that performance, it was enough to impress a number of fans.

They improved considerably and went on to tour around Scotland, especially in the Highlands, and enjoyed a couple of tours supporting ‘Wee Free Kings’ and ‘Alice House’. Their tours included many adventures and mishaps, including overturning their Luton van into a bog in Sutherland!

They recorded ‘White Famine’ in 1986 – which can be found on You Tube – before Deek left and was replaced by Grangemouth-born vocalist and guitarist Steve Drysdale, an ex-member of One Over The Eight.

The band released a self-financed single in 1990, entitled ‘Badge Of Poverty’. However, after this, they split.

Deek is now responsible for the comedy satire website ‘FKN News’.