FP100 Fife bands 80. Certain Death

Certain Death
Certain Death

It has been said they don’t play gigs – they throw parties, and anyone who has seem them live will probably agree.

The band has been together for a decade, played major gigs and festivals across Europe, but remains loyal to its home town – there have been regular, epic gigs at the Windsor Hotel, for example, along with their appearances at ‘Bevyfest’ in Beveridge Park.

They were also known by the name Drive By Audio, and their music has been used in many extreme sports videos, including the huge ‘Thrasher;’ skateboarding series.

The video for their cracking single ‘Jailbait’ also generated a huge audience online.

Back under the ‘Certain Death’ name the five-piece – Steed, Shauny D, Jeem, Frase and Snars – headlined a massive festival in the Czech Republic after punk legends The Exploited were unable to attend, and toured France with the highly rated Black Bomb A, as well as bringing major acts such as The real McKenzies to Kirkcaldy for live gigs.

In 2009 the band released its debut album ‘Bring The Pain.’