FP100 Fife bands 81. The Strutz

The Strutz
The Strutz

From Burntisland, this late-1970s-early 1980s line-up was led largely by Paul Blyth, who also had a prominent songwriting role with his previous band, Laughing Academy.

The Strutz released two singles in 1981 – ‘We Are So Fine/Break Point’ on Mill Records – which was funded by local venue, the Dutch Mill – followed by ‘Start’ on Braw Records.

The group also had an interesting ploy to support the release of ‘Start/Stop’ – they claimed to have “the first DIY video cassette single”.

As well as the regular seven-inch vinyl version of ‘Start/Stop’ on their own label, the group threw in a tasty offer for fans.

If you sent a blank video tape to an address in Burntisland – either VHS or Betamax (that’s how innovative they were) – with a return stamp and the sum of 99 pence, they would put a film of both sides of single on the tape and send it back to you.

They even offered to update the tape with footage from their next single, which they intended to release some months later.

‘Break Point’ was also featured on two volumes of post-punk compilation albums entitled ‘Messthetics’, in 2004 and 2008, as well as cropping up on a multi-track bootleg offering entitled ‘The Sound Of Old Scotland 1977-84’.