FP100 Fife bands 82. Silent Falls/Supernova/No1Sun


There is a clear lineage which runs through these three great local bands – and all stemming originally from the Family Shampoo, a post-punk band which played locally from 1984-1986.

Billy Easson, Dave Cunningham, Boon and Andy Sinclair played in various places such as Skittle, The Abbotshall and Anthony’s Hotel.

Silents Falls were Billy Easson, Dave Cunningham, Brian Page and Alan Hancock.

They gigged around Kirkcaldy, Leven, and Edinburgh before transforming into Supernova in 1988-89.

They played throughout Scotland, from Dumfries to Ullapool, and supported many touring bands at such venues as King Tuts, The Venue, The Cathouse, The West Port and Lucifers Mill in Dundee.

Supernova’s members were Billy Easson, Dave Cunningham, Alan Findlay (replaced by Brian Page later for covers), Alan Hancock amd Greg Holland.

In 1998, the band turned to covers and played throughout Scotland to finance a three-track demo CD, but split before its release.

A year later, four members of the band reformed. In 2004, the band decided to do covers seriously and became known as No1Sun, with Dave, Billy and Brian Page establishing themselves as a mainstay on the local live scene to this day .