FP100 Fife bands 83. Blazing Apostles and Locomotive Latenight

Locomotive Latenight, previously known as Blazing Apostles
Locomotive Latenight, previously known as Blazing Apostles

Blazing Apostles (possibly named after a classic Be Bop Deluxe track) evolved from another late 1970s Kirkcaldy band, Nationwide. Guitarist Alan Liddell, bassist John Anderson and guitarist/singer Kenny Hutchison were among the early members.

They did a couple of gigs under the name Funhouse (after the Stooges album), and started off with a drum machine.

Later, Kenny recorded drums which were played through a Revox reel to reel tape machine, before Gary Bonar joined as drummer, which let the band improvise more and extend the songs live if desired.

Alan said: “We did a couple of self-financed singles ‘Day Of Descent / Arrival’ and ‘It’s So Easy / Comfort’ which got quite a lot of airplay on the John Peel and Janice Long shows on Radio 1.”

Long got them a Radio 1 session, recorded in Glasgow,.

“We were playing loads of gigs all over the place at this time and did a couple down in London at the Rock Garden and the Timebox, which was a good trip,” said Alan.

The name was changed (for forgotten reasons) to Locomotive Latenight and they recorded a mini-album.

“Things were looking good for a while but, eventually, not getting signed by a major label took its toll a bit and we eventually just split up,” recalled Alan.