FP100 Fife bands 87. Spank The Plank

Spank The Plank
Spank The Plank

Spank The Plank were regulars in the music pages of the Fife Free Press from the late 1980s onwards - and made their name as a great live band.

Blues based good time boogie - with just a hint of groups such as ZZ Top - they played over 150 gigs across Scotland and supported big names such as Nazareth and the Wilko Johnson Band.

Locally they could be found playing venues such as he Hunting Lodge, Crystals Arena, The Clubhouse, The Woodside Inn and many other local pubs and clubs.

The original and classic line-up consisted of Rick Steele Vocals (now Ballroom Gitz),Stuart Porter Bass (now Dunragan),Kenny Anderson Guitar(now Ballroom Gitz), Bill Nesbit Drums (retired) and Bryan Kerr Guitar (now KWAK) which split circa 1994, but the group continued with several changes into the millenium.

Highlights included being named the Fife Free Press ‘Song of the Year’ for 1991 with ‘Human Cannonball’ and runner-up in the newspaper’s band of the year to Blue On Shock. One memorable release included extracts from the 1990 Scottish rugby Grand Slam TV commentary top a cracking guitar riff.

The name came initially from the surname initials of the band (SPANK), then added to a slang term for playing the guitar.