FP100 Fife bands 97. Kaywana Stock

Kaywana Stock
Kaywana Stock

This band was founded in the south of the Kindgom around 1967-68.

The line-up featured Norrie Whitelaw on vocals (also known as Jamie Dodger), with Dave McMurdo playing lead guitar, Dave Finlayson on Hammond organ, Bill Adcock strumming bass guitar and Rab Kaye on drums.

They grew from the remnants of another local band called the Kingpins, then the Delteks.

Kaywana Stock began covering pop / soul / Tamla songs but quickly evolved to more progressive rock covers.

This grew to the extent that, at one of their final gigs at the famous Kinema ballroom in Dunfermline, Cecil Hunter threatened to close the curtains on them if they didn’t play “something they can dance to”.

The band’s name came from the novel of the same name by Edgar Mittelholzer, which appeared in the mid-1950s.

After a fruitless attempt to find a name they could all agree on, someone mentioned having read the book – and their choice was as simple as that.

In fact, the change in style was to herald the end of their popularity at local dance venues, in favour of a move to the bigger city venues and the university circuit.

The group eventually split around 1971-72 and Bill Adcock went on to join Monolug.