FP100 Fife bands 99. The Dominators

The Dominators
The Dominators

Back in late 1962, the first shoots of what was soon to become a thriving youth music scene were taking root in a Glenrothes club.

The Cafe Continental was the ‘in’ place for teenagers across the area and the popular band of the moment was Leslie favourites – The Dominators.

Drawing their name from the Watkins amplifier used by guitarist James Craig, the group were formed in 1960 and originally called The Trinity Saints, made up of Alec Mitchell on vocals, Ian Gibson on rhythm guitar, James’ brother Bob on tea box base and Norman Briggs on drums.

The band picked up local gigs where ever they could before landing the highly prestigious gig at the weekly Cafe Continental Club, situated at the CISWO in Glenrothes.

At their peak, the Dominators, who by now had settled on a line-up of Dave Mitchell, Alec Campbell, a vocalist who went under the stage name of Garry Storm, Zander Walker and brothers Bob and James Craig, were performing to audiences of 300-plus.

They even featured in a report on the club’s popularity in the first ever edition of the Glenrothes Gazette.

Playing a mixture of popular tunes of the day as well as their own numbers, they gigged across Fife alongside the likes of The Red Hawks, Crestas, and Ronnie Ryan and the Raiders.