FP100 Fife bands No. 49 The Ghost Train

Ghost Train
Ghost Train

The Ghost Train were formed in 1985 by Graham Scott and John Lessels (singer & bass player) at Kirkcaldy YMCA from the ashes of local band Nationwide.

Their music was hugely inspired by the Sex Pistols, New York Dolls the Clash and Joy Division.

Their first gig was a multi band Live Aid event at Balwearie High School in January 1985. They played 43 live dates throughout Scotland in their first year building a solid fan base and becoming well known for their incendiary live perfomances.

The band self financed and released their first single Hope & Glory in April 1986 on their own Kingdom Come record label. The band played over 100 gigs all over the UK following the single’s success.

The Ghost Train then signed to ISM Records of Chicago. Their first release for ISM was a 12” single, The Snowman. The band went out on the road after this and straight onto a tour of what was then west Germany where the single had been played widely. On arriving back in Fife the band learned that ISM records had gone out of business and the deal for an album was off. The members decided to take a break before reforming in 2012 for a charity gig. More shows followed and a new album is now due for release in late 2014.