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Tyndall Bruce monument
Tyndall Bruce monument

Tyndall Bruce

The Tyndall Bruce Monument stands alone on the Black Hill, East Lomond, with panoramic views over the Howe of Fife.

It was built in 1857 by the Falkland Estate tenants and local people to commemorate the Estate Laird Onesiphorus Tyndall Bruce (1790-1855).

Born in Bristol where his family had been merchants, slave traders and bankers, Onesiphorus Tyndall was educated at Eton and Oxford and became a barrister.

In 1828 he married Margaret Stuart Bruce, the illegitimate Eurasian daughter of Lt Col Robert Bruce of the East India Company. When her father died she came to Scotland to live with her uncle, Professor John Bruce, who bought Falkland Estate in 1820.

On her uncle’s death in 1826, Margaret became a major heiress inheriting lands including Falkland estate and its Palace, Nuthill House and Myres Castle.

In 1828 she married Onesiphorous and he took her surname. In 1839 they commissioned a new country house to replace Nuthill.

They also paid for a new parish church in Falkland. They are both buried in the vaults and a statue of Onesiphorus stands in the kirk yard. The Living Lomonds Landscape Partnership is currently restoring the stonework and installing a new pathway and signage.