FP100: No. 21

Ex Terra
Ex Terra

Ex Terra

Ex Terra by renowned sculptor Benno Schotz (1891-1984) was the first major work of public art in Glenrothes, unveiled in 1965.

Welded in bronze, it depicts a maternal figure emerging tree-like from the ground, symbolising the growth of the town.

Situated in its prominent position at Glenrothes bus station, it has long been a focal point for residents and visitors to the town.

The Latin title of the piece is a shortened version of the Glenrothes Development Corporation’s motto – Ex Terra Vis – ‘From the Earth Comes Life’ which refers to Glenrothes’ roots in the mining industry.

Benno Schotz became Head of Sculpture at the Glasgow School of Art in 1938 and was appointed the Queen’s Sculptor in Ordinary for Scotland in 1963.

Ex Terra is one of his most significant public works.

He also created the superb altar crucifix (1957) and Madonna sculpture (1960) at St Paul’s Church in Glenrothes.