FP100: No. 24

Mercat Cross, High Street, Dunfermline
Mercat Cross, High Street, Dunfermline

Mercat Cross, Dunfermline

The Mercat Cross in Dunfermline is located in High Street, at its junction with Guildhall Street.

The first recorded mention of this Mercat Cross (market cross) was in 1396.

It was Dunfermline’s main meeting place for townsfolk and travellers, and, in the days before newspapers and television, historically this was the place where official proclamations and announcements were made from on top of a stone platform.

It was located in the centre of Dunfermline’s old linear market that extended the length of High Street.

The current cross dates, in part, from 1626, but it has been rebuilt and moved several times.

One of the stones on which the cross sits is inscribed with ‘re-erected by public subscription, 5th August 1868’.

Around this time, a small sculpture of a unicorn, created by Dunfermline artist Sir Joseph Noel Paton, was added to the top of the structure.

The cross has been in its present location – back where it was originally sited in the 14th century – since 1992, when Dunfermline’s High Street was pedestrianised.